Peace, Love, & Music

*My name is Sheyanne, but you can call me Marley Barbie.
*I'm 20.
*I'm engaged to the love of my life Avery<3 He's my everything and no matter what he can always make me laugh and smile. I love you baby:)
*I love music, and I love to sing.
*I love Mary Jane and she loves me back, we're lesbians together<3
*Reggae is my life style, and I'm pretty much a hippie.
*I don't like stupid people.
*I live by Hakuna Matata.
*Bob Marley is my idol for life.
*And I love to eat.

You Have Questions? I Have Answers.

Bowl Of Sunshine

Reach for the sky, keep your eye on the prize, forever in my mind be my bowl of sunshine

Its weighing in your mind, so push them clouds aside, forever by my side, be my bowl of sunshine


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