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*My name is Sheyanne, but you can call me Marley Barbie.
*I'm 20.
*I'm engaged to the love of my life Avery<3 He's my everything and no matter what he can always make me laugh and smile. I love you baby:)
*I love music, and I love to sing.
*I love Mary Jane and she loves me back, we're lesbians together<3
*Reggae is my life style, and I'm pretty much a hippie.
*I don't like stupid people.
*I live by Hakuna Matata.
*Bob Marley is my idol for life.
*And I love to eat.

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Always reblog


Always reblog

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I need these in my life….


I need these in my life….

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The “Hell” Straightener

It all started Friday, April 26th.

I got paid from both of my jobs and was super excited, a little too excited. I walked to the mall to go pick up my check from Claire’s. I was going to check out some summer dresses when I passed this kiosk that my friend worked at. I was just looking at the straigheners they had, (BIG MISTAKE), and the lady that also worked there, got me to sit down so she could do my hair to show me how the straightener worked and shit.

I usually never ever ever ever fall for these peoples shit, but she talked me into it. And not just that, but if I would have known all of the financial shit I’d go through after this, never would I have even let her do my hair. She went on and on about how I needed to spoil myself, live a little because I’m young. And me being the vulnerable person I am, I fell for it. Even though I could find the same exact style, color, brand straightener on for $25.00, I fucking fell for it anyway.

$150, ($161.10 after tax) later, I have the fucking straightener. Regretting it the second I even bought it, I still walked home trying to tell myself that it was something I needed, even though I knew I couldn’t afford it. I sat on my couch seriously staring at it for an hour, thinking about how much I fucked up because, hey guess what? Now I can’t pay my rent, buy groceries or pay for the parts I needed for my car! I felt stupid and screwed over the second she slid my card at the register, with that being said, I knew that I needed to take it back and get my money back for it. It was a total stupid impulse buy that I honestly didn’t even think about, like at all.

Not once did the lady tell me that it would never be returnable, nor did it say on the receipt that there was no refund. But sure enough, when I walked back to the mall to try and return it, the bitch said there was no way. I asked her why, and she said all sales were final. It would have been a nice if she had verbally told me before I bought it, OR put it on the mother fucking receipt. I should have told her that I hope her commission she got for the straightener was worth fucking someone over, but I knew she wouldn’t give a fuck because thats how those people are.

I spent that whole day in tears feeling so fucking dumb and screwed out of my money for something I could have gotten cheaper somewhere else, but because I got caught up with getting 2 paychecks, I lost it and didn’t even think about it before I bought it.

I called my Mom in total panic because I was just beside myself, not sure what my next move was. She told me to lodge a complaint with the company in the mall, so I did that and nothing happen. So she said to try and call my bank to have them reverse the charge. I thought, simple right? Wrong.

I go to the bank and talk to someone about my situation, the charge is still pending so now I get to wait until tuesday to do it. But before I get that dealt with, lets figure out what to do about your account now being over drawn, and don’t forget about that overdraft fee which made it worse. I had transferred money from my checking account, to my pay pal account, but had cancelled it and they ended up taking it out anyway which is why my account was over drawn. So now whenever I have the time, I have to go down to my bank to try and get the over draft fee waved. 

So I call the bank tuesday to have them reverse the charge, and they transfer me to about 3 or 4 different people before I get to talking to someone that can help me with this whole mess. The lady I talked to was rude and talked to me like I was stupid. She said they are allowed to not refund people their money if they choose, I said that was fucking bullshit because she never verbally told me, AND it was not on the receipt. She said so theres nothing we can do if the receipt says no refund. I had to tell her 3 fucking times about how I looked all over the small receipt and nowhere on it does it say no refund. So she tells me to fax it to her within 10 business days.

It’s been about a week since this happened, and I am still waiting to hear back from the bank about my money after I had to fax them the receipt, which that itself was not an easy task since I have to walk everywhere, but find the time to do all of this bullshit in between jobs. 

After all of this is over and I have all of my money back, I will never ever, ever ever ever ever buy anything from another kiosk, nor will I allow anybody I love or care about buy from one.

It has been nothing but a continuous domino effect ever since I bought this fucker. I don’t want it, I haven’t even used it, I just want my money back and to put this thing behind me.

From all of this happening, I can definitely say that I have 100% completely learned my lesson. Never again will I let someone talk me into something I cant afford.

P.S. Never ever ever buy from HerStyler, they sell it for $200, $300 in Denver. Go to amazon and find the same exact one for $25.00.

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Follow me on instagram for more bible verses:) username&#160;: brittzy


Follow me on instagram for more bible verses:) username : brittzy

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haha this made me laugh

haha this made me laugh

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Well, I’d love to stay and chat but you’re a total bitch.

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Any 1Ups for my bubbler?


Any 1Ups for my bubbler?

I’ve never understood the stereotype that women are more likely to faint at blood


I mean seriously

what do you think we do every month

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I seriously just had to teach my mother some basics of parenting.

Both photos are of my daughter in October, the first in 2011, the second in 2012.  I let her pick out her own clothes, shoes, haircuts, hair colors, anything superficial, really.  She’s too young to understand the permanence of piercings, so she doesn’t have any.  But hair grows, shoes get grown out of, clothes go threadbare.  These things don’t really matter—shouldn’t really matter—but anyone raising a gender-variant child knows the world isn’t that kind.

My daughter recently requested a haircut like mine.  A long flop on top, pixie-length fade on the back and sides.  She’s been bugging me for weeks to color her hair again, I just haven’t had the time.  But today she came to me with the same shyness she keeps developing when outside our home; she’s being pressured by peers and family to look “normal,” to grow her hair long and uncolored, to dress a certain way (she hates to match), to indulge in self-consciousness, and alter or not alter her appearance to gain the approval of others, and society at large.


I called my mother tonight, because my daughter had become shy again, and didn’t want to color her hair anymore, and she said it was because of what her Nana had said to her.  My mother told me we should get that spray-on Halloween hair colors, so it wouldn’t be so “permanent” and my daughter could be “normal” again to avoid being bullied.


I know she gets teased sometimes, and we always talk about it.  She stays strong and confident, so long as she has the support of those around her.  But what that support falters, or pulls a 180, she’s left to crash.

She also gets teased for liking dinosaurs and not dolls.  She gets teased for preferring roughhousing to playing house.  She gets teased for liking Lightning McQueen and not Cinderella.  Where do we draw the line?

My mother thinks this is a “minor” thing, that it’s better to just blend in.  But it would plant the seed of doubt, it forms the foundation for queer kids staying in the closet, for disabled kids to feel worthless, for young girls accepting abusive partners.  This is not “minor,” it is fucking MAJOR, because this is my daughter’s foundation, and it will shape her life.

Support your fucking kids.  Let them be who they want to be, look how they want to look, and play how they want to play.  And make sure they know that you will love them no matter what.

She is adorable.

And this is awesome.

oh my god can i just say that thats the cutest little girl EVER? i swear, all children seem to look the same. have you noticed that? i wish every parent could follow and understand this.

Thank you so much. I wish you were my mom.

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My life goal is to get this and pack one bowl with salvia and play russian roulette.


My life goal is to get this and pack one bowl with salvia and play russian roulette.

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i’ve got 99 problems and being a decaying organism that’s born to die in a society run by money that i can’t escape is one of them 

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